Leadership Development and Training

FONAA’s Flagship Program.

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This Leadership Program is based on the concept that leadership is a process and young people can be developed and elevated to a level to fill the leadership vacuum within the public and private sectors in Africa

One can think FONAA’s Leadership program as an elite non-traditional program designed to fast-track various careers in different fields of choice to address the challenges Africa faces in all sectors.

Small Loan Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

FONAA has a small loan scheme with a maximum loan amount of $100 to support the most vulnerable in Africa who have lost their petty trade due to Covid-19.

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Textbook Donations

FONAA Institute supports high and middle schools with textbook and other school supplies. We collect, sort, ship, & distribute books to students of all ages in Africa with one goal in mind: to end the book famine in Africa.

ACT Review for College Applicants

This program targets senior high school students in the US. FONAA provides in person and remote training for high school students applying to go to college to take the ACT.

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Annual New Year School

Every year, on the first Monday of March, FONAA holds a New Year School where scholars, industrialists and stakeholders with interest in African American issues, international development and African diaspora matters come together to discuss issues of concern.