Leadership in Business and Government Podcast

By Kofi Amoabin

President Nana Akufo-Addo is passionate about leadership. Current world situation – COVID -19 and its economic impact- shows the relevance of leadership. In sub-Saharan Africa, leadership is paramount as developing countries work with much less resources to benefit millions of people.

FONAA Institute has leadership as its objective.

FONAA identifies challenging issues in Africa and addresses leadership in finding solutions to these challenges.  Leadership within the African context conflates poverty, education, gender, job opportunities and other challenges.

Leadership is guiding, motivating, or influencing a group of people to accomplish extraordinary things in organizations, in a shared vision. The people following the leader are not forced. Leadership is about transforming values into actions, and examples are guiding visions into realities or obstacles into innovations.

Leadership is about the people behind the leader and the actions and decisions solely benefits those behind the leader. When the focus of a leader’s actions benefits just the leader, then the position occupied is for self-aggrandizement, and not leadership.

FONAA believes leadership is a process and not based on the level or position in an organization.