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Kwame Acheampong

Senior Policy Advisor / Board Member

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Kwame is an innovator and an astute management consultant with over 26 years in management consulting and business development. He has worked and continues to work with United States companies that engage and explore business opportunities in Ghana, the Caribbean and Mexico.

City of Houston prides itself as the citadel of strong energy, healthcare and aerospace industries. No doubt, as a long-time resident of this great city, Kwame has developed interest in these industries and has built relationships with captains of such industries.

He is currently Managing Partner of ENEVAL, LLC, a Houston-based environmental consulting company that provides consulting services for landfill design and management, environmental assessment and audit as well as solid and hazardous waste management.

ENEVAL, LLC is a minority-owned company actively working with Houston Metro, Port of Houston Authority, Flood Control District of Harris County, City of Houston and Harris County Government. As a registered company with State of Texas, it periodically bids for state and federal government projects and the company sometimes syndicate with prime contractors as minor-contractor to bid on numerous projects. He manages the technical staff and administrative support group and further leads in all business negotiations and related financial engagements of the company. As an established management consultant, he has previously served as founder and President of GhanTex Holdings Limited.

An innovator and an astute management consultant with over 26 years in management consulting and business development.

At GhanTex, he effectively identified and worked with US companies that engaged and explored business opportunities in Ghana. These companies with diverse background and specialties included but not limited to the following: Electronic Data System (EDS), a multinational information technology equipment and service company headquartered in Plano, Texas. EDS handled the need assessment of information technology of Bank of Ghana through their office in Johannesburg, South Africa. In this project EDS was responsible for identifying some intractable IT problems of the financial institution in 2006.

He also worked with Digimarc ID Solutions of Burlington, Massachusetts to provide national identification cards for all residents of Ghana. Digimarc lost the contract, however they had the opportunity to provide hardware and software for Ghana Driver and Vehicular Licensing Authority. In addition, he worked with S&B Infrastructure & Engineering, Inc. of Houston, Texas – that successfully participated in seaport expansion projects and Knowledge Reservoir of Houston, Texas, an oil and gas authoritative provider of information, analytics and insight that initially suggested licensing round model for Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC). Ghana Ministry of Energy through GNPC has now adopted this method of awarding contracts on
oil blocks through a bid system or a grant system.

No doubt with his strong negotiation and management skills and successful business engagement in Ghana, Kwame was appointed to serve as Ghana Trade & Investment Representative for the United States by former Minister of Trade, Industries, Private Sector Development and President Special Initiatives.

Kwame has previously worked as the Director of International Trade and Business Development for Corporation for Economic Development of Harris County in the State of Texas. In this position, he successfully worked with United States Small Business Administration, Export–Import Bank of the United States, United States Department of Commerce, Port of Houston Authority and several banks to promote micro businesses engaged in international trade in Harris County, Texas. Kwame has previously held Adjunct Professorship position at both Houston Community College for over eighteen years and two years concurrently at Texas Southern University where he taught United States Government and American Political System.

Kwame is a member of American Political Science Association, member of Harris County International Advisory Council and former member of Mayoral Advisory Board for International Affairs – Africa, Houston, Texas. He is also a Community Associate of Brown College at Rice University. Kwame is an avid writer and his articles have been published in several daily newspapers including Daily Graphic of Ghana and African News Digest of Houston.

Kwame has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Rice University, Houston, Texas, and a Master of Public Affairs (Public Policy) from prestigious Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin.